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Affordable Pest and Rodent Control Services in Alaska

Affordable Pest Control Services

Serving Palmer, Anchorage, Girdwood, Wasilla, and Eagle River, AK

At Alaska Affordable Pest, we provide a full range of pest and rodent control services to ensure your home or business remains pest-free. Our experienced team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations with effective and reliable solutions.

Pest Removal

Comprehensive solutions for all types of pests.

Wildlife Removal

Safe and humane removal of wildlife..

Rat and Mice Removal

Effective strategies to eliminate rodents.

Rodent Control

Preventative measures to keep rodents at bay.

Dead Animal Removal

Prompt and sanitary removal of deceased animals..

Squirrel Removal

Specialized services to handle squirrel infestations.

Ant Control

Targeted treatments to eliminate ant colonies.

Wasp Removal

Safe removal of wasp nests.

Wildlife Nuisance Control

Managing and mitigating wildlife disturbances.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Technicians
Customized Plans
Eco-Friendly Solutions
Fast and Reliable Service

  • Our team is skilled in the latest pest control techniques.
  • Tailored solutions to fit your specific needs.
  • We use environmentally safe methods.
  • Fast response times and efficient service.


Need Immediate Pest Service?

For professional pest and rodent control services in Palmer, Anchorage, Girdwood, Wasilla, and Eagle River, AK

About US

Alaska Affordable Pest Control

We offer a full range of pest control and rodent control services to Palmer, Anchorage, Girdwood, Wasilla, and Eagle River, AK !

We provide a full range of pest control services to Anchorage, AK and we always strive to meet or exceed the expectations of all our customers! Below is a list of all the services we can offer you:
Why Clients think we are the best pest control service in Anchorage Alaska

CUSTOMER testimonials

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“I called this company for carpenter ant control and very glad I did. If you want someone that’s friendly, professional, thorough, affordable, and effective then you should use Alaska Affordable Pest Control. Less than 24 hours later I’m seeing big results!”
Charisse E Google Review
“I had the “winter shrews” that come in when it’s cold. I called Alaska Affordable Pest Control and Warren came when he said he would and took care of the problem. He came back again to make sure all the critters were gone and did a very through job. I will call him again for pest problems and recommend him highly.”
Dolly Caswell Google Review
“Alaska Affordable Pest, the guy was really polite, he did an excellent job, and I like the fact he didn’t use any chemicals, probably the most efficient pest controller I’ve ever hired. Very pleased, very pleased with the quality of work and politeness, cleanliness and timeliness that this contractor provided us.”
Homeowner Wasilla, AK